Marsa Project

Over 65% of the Marsa Junction Project is ready. The construction of the structures of this project’s seven flyovers are now in place. Over 100,000 road users travel through this junction every day to and from several localities in southern Malta. This project is reducing travel times and congestion pollution caused by the traffic lights system that controlled this junction until late last year, when the first three flyovers were opened.

Preparations to start laying asphalt over the other four flyovers are in progress as well. Whilst the ongoing measures to contain the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic have limited the availability of human resources required to complete the final works of these flyovers, Infrastructure Malta is still aiming to open them to road users by end June 2020, as originally planned.

The agency is also building new footpaths, park and ride areas, cycle lanes, landscaped areas, reservoirs and other facilities to create safer connections for bus passengers, pedestrians and cyclists, encouraging commuters to shift to more sustainable modes of travel. These new facilities are scheduled to be ready by the end of the year.

Polidano Group has been entrusted with the manufacture of all prestressed concrete beams used in the project.  The manufacture of the beams was made at the Hal-Farrug plant, and transported to the construction site by special vehicles.  Polidano Group also provided logistical support to the main contractors working on the project.