Social Media Footprint

Since the introduction of the internet, many businesses have moved their communications strategy into what is being called social media.  The use of information and communications technology, as well as the rapid increase in the use of computers, tablets and smartphones, have enabled businesses to be closer to their customers, the public and their communities.

Various business sectors have also extended their sales function to online sales and booking, providing a direct link for customers and the respective business.  This is very widely used in the leisure and accomodation sector.

Below we are providing a table of social media footprint of the main business enterprises forming part of the Polidano Group:

Polidano Group Weblink Facebook Link
Montekristo Estate Weblink Facebook Link
Westin Dragonara Weblink Facebook Link
Marriott Hotel & Spa Weblink Facebook Link
Porto Azzurro Hotel Weblink Facebook Link
Water's Edge Hotel Weblink Facebook Link
Empire Cinema Weblink Facebook Link
Fiera Kbira Weblink Facebook Link